About Matt

I started tattooing in 1998 in the basement of a friend's apartment. With my brother's support, I started to fully dive and immerse myself in the craft of tattooing.

I'll be honest—the first couple years were kinda wild! Working in some shady shops and putting up with off-the-wall conditions. Along the way meeting some very interesting characters and overcoming both technical and artistic obstacles.

I really started to tune my game up working with Sacred Tattoo NYC. I joined their team in 2005, and it's been nothing but good for my career. Throughout the years, my co-workers have been a constant inspiration. Tattooing is my passion, and I look forward to constantly polishing my craft.

I made the move to San Francisco and worked there for several years. Most recently, I moved back to NYC and working at Red Rocket Tattoo and am loving it. I travel back to San Francisco and San Diego every few months to work on old and new clients.

What's in store for the future? I'm looking forward to a global expansion!!!

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Design Process

Consultation & book an appointment

Have a design that you want to get inked? Contact me to discuss what tattoo you want and send any reference photos, and we can discuss the best size, placement, and overall design in person or over email. I'll come up with sketches and walk you through the whole process. Then, book your appointment.

Get inked

Big work takes both a scheduling and financial commitment. It is also important to keep the creative energy flowing by sticking to a dedicated schedule.

Take care of your new tattoo

After you get tattooed, it's important to let your new ink heal correctly. Visit my Info page for information and tips on letting your new ink heal correctly.